What the Bleep!

What the Bleep Do We Know! SERIES


This is a 2004 film that combines documentary-style interviews, computer animated graphics, and a narrative that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. The plot follows the story of a photographer as she encounters emotional and existential obstacles in her life and begins to consider the idea that individual and group consciousness can influence the material world. Her experiences are offered by the filmmakers to illustrate the movie’s thesis about quantum physics and consciousness.

This film presents a viewpoint of the physical universe and human life within it, with connections to neuroscience and quantum physics. Some ideas discussed in the film are:

  • The universe is best seen as constructed from thought (or ideas) rather than from substance
  • “Empty space” is not empty
  • Matter is not solid. Electrons pop in and out of existence and it is unknown where they disappear to
  • Beliefs about who one is and what is real are a direct cause of oneself and of one’s own realities
  • Peptides manufactured in the brain can cause a bodily reaction to emotion

In the narrative segments of the movie, Marlee Matlin portrays Amanda, a photographer who plays the role of everywoman as she experiences her life from startlingly new and different perspectives.

In the documentary segments of the film, interviewees discuss the roots and meaning of Amanda’s experiences. The comments focus primarily on a single theme: We create our own reality. 


Down The Rabbit Hole: Part 1

Court of Possibilities: Part 2

Double Slit Experiment: Part 3

Messages From Water: Part 4

Random Generators: Part 5

God and Religion: Part 6

Emotions: Part 7

Addiction: Part 8

Bombarding Cells: Part 9

Healing: Part 10


Unity: Part 11


FlatLand: Part 12