.:The Soundala Project Blueprints:.

The Creatrix Temple

The Creatrix Temple Project from Thinking Eye on Vimeo.

A Journey of Sound:

Along my life’s journey, I have found that I can be considered many things: a friend, a wife to a great man, a daughter of two miraculous human beings, a sister to an amazingly strong spirit, a woman walking a path less traveled, a Native American journeying on the road of my ancestors, a graduate of a Master’s Degree in Integrative Health, a Licensed Spiritual Healer, a Sound Therapy Teacher and Practitioner and much more…but above all else, I AM SOUND. I am a walking symphony of harmonic vibration. And so is everyone and everything else in all creation…

Five years ago, while seeking holistic ways to heal from a serious illness, I discovered sound in a way that I have never experienced before and it transformed my life forever. I discovered the human body is an orchestra of sounds. Every energy center, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every cell, every DNA stran has its own resonant frequency, its own vibration and sound. My spirit felt like it had awoken into a new world of infinite possibilities. I knew in those moments, I truly was given a glimpse into the world that is vibrantly alive, interconnected, and constantly striving for harmony.


The Purpose of this Project:

Different frequencies, tones, and sounds — through drumming, chanting, or the use of a wide array of instrumentation– can induce physiological states that promote healing for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Advancements in quantum science have revealed that our bodies are systems of vibrating atomic particles; living receivers and transmitters of resonance. With this knowledge, we can utilize specific frequencies to return our body systems to balance and shift the healing process to target the emotional and mental causes of disease, before the physical ailments ever even manifest.

The Creatrix Temple structure will utilize cutting edge techniques employed in sound and resonance therapy, targeting the senses to promote the self to return to its optimal state of sonic balance. From this space of emotional receptivity, we are able to better access healthier choice discernment patterns, creative and imaginative thinking capacities, and objective experiential perspectives. Creating new expansive pathways of life prospective can have dramatically positive effects on our sense of happiness and well-being. This is the essence of The Creatrix Temple Project: The development of a safe, healthy, and comfortable container that can help facilitate positive personal and community transformation.


Design Plans & Funding Resource Breakdown:

This portable 8-sided Octagon structure represents infinity and the rebirth of the self. The structure will be solely handcrafted and designed with sound acoustic technology. It will consist of poles and beams to create the shape that slot together using peg, post, and beam technique. The roof will be a leafed structure, similar to Tibetan Temples, for functionality in case of rain as well as aesthetics. The structure will be approximately 22 ft. in diameter, 6 ft. tall at the main entrance, with a maximum height of 10-12 ft. at its central apex. We will use a CNC machine to make stylistic modifications on the archways and attaching arrowhead accents. Additionally all wood with be clear coated and weather proofed and structurally double reinforced to ensure integrity in acclimate conditions.

Budget permitting, there is a potential that the sides of this structure will be able fold down and open up like a Lotus flower, revealing the inside of the Creatrix. When the walls are open, the shades will maximize sound reduction and comfort levels as needed from the sun, wind and other elements.

(Above: Example of Fold Down Lotus flower Walls)


Itemized Budget List:

Lumber, Paint, Tent, Exterior Lighting, & Labor:

Lumber (Frame, Walls, Interior staging) – $1200

CNC Machine Rental Costs – $400

Paint & Sealer – $200

Tent & Tarping – $950

Lighting – $410

Labor – $2250 (60 hrs Master Carpenter & 60 hours unskilled labor)

STRUCTURE TOTAL: $2960 without labor costs // $5160 with labor costs

Inside Additives (All furniture weather resistant, waterproof and washable)

Seating, throw pillows, tapestries, art supplies, art subcontracts – $1250

Interior Lighting – $300

Auxillary chords, splitters, surge protectors, extention protectors – $200

Inside Turf – $300


*Additional Funding will be used to add weathering support modifications and to resource the volunteers who graciously helped by contributing to our promotional video, design sketches, and campaign development team.


The Greater Impact for our Community:

The  Creatrix Temple is debuting at Rootwire Music & Arts Festival August 16-18th.  The word Creatrix can be defined as the most fundamental feminine creative force in the universe.  The Creatrix Temple embodies potent energies of rebirth, regeneration, and the unlocking of our greatest creative potential.  

This Temple symbolizes a sonic womb, a resonance chamber centralized at the heart matrix of creation.  Within this chamber through the use of digital and acoustic instrumentation, we will be interweaving an alchemy of intentional vibration generating a harmonic healing experience.  These intentional frequencies paired with the sacred geometric acoustics of the architecture will facilitate powerful states of lasting inner peace, clarity, and soul fulfillment.  

The potency of the Divine feminine moves beyond a conceptual title in this structure, as the principle matriarchal energies within creation are that of receiving, embracing, nourishing, and transmuting the masculine force into feminine form. And ultimately that is our deepest hope for the temple, that one feels the comforting embrace of the Mother Spirit within, welcoming all visitors to rest and unfold into a humble space of comfortable receiving; allowing the beauty of sacred sound to wash over us into deep cleansing renewal.

My intention is to create a portable structure that fuses together vast scientific knowledge of resonance healing with ancient architectural and creative techniques honored by some of our world’s most cherished spiritual traditions. With the help of veteran craftsman and artisan Joel Whittaker, we will create an octagon based sound therapy free-standing experiential structure. This geometric sound healing chamber will be hand crafted, complete with ornate visual artistry and will house a bevy of both traditional and modern resonance therapy tools to create the Creatrix; a womb of symbiotic sound.

The audience for this installation is anyone that desires to learn more about, experience, and explore the transformational power of harmonic sound!! Attendees at festivals and intentional events may seek to expand and grow during their experience. This chamber will house a space for them to do it consciously, comfortably, and safely. Within the Creatrix, health can be restored, stress reduced, and energy can be balanced and optimized. This space gives each person who enters an opportunity to just BE. Participants of the Creatrix experience can come and explore the sensations of the body while peacefully engaging with the community around them. It is an experience, not solely held in the mind, but actually integrated into the body, mind and spirit.

Special Thanks!

I want to send out love & appreciation to all of the hearts and hands who have made this project possible:

Design partner & Architect Joel Whittaker

Promotional Video Production By Christopher Essey of Thinking Eye Productions

Digital installation design By Jalai Lama

Autumn Skye, Adam Scott Miller, & Erial Ali for use of their Visionary Art

Vibrasphere for the music used in the promotional video

Rootwire Music & Arts Festival for the inspiration!

Julie North and Doe Hart for creating a beautiful fundraiser to support the Creatrix Project!

My husband Ehren, family, friends, and most of all ~ ALL OF YOU ~ for making this dream possible!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Renee