Sol Philosophy

~ A Message to You ~

“We all can touch upon the life stream of creation. The universal consciousness is the Essence of who we are, and the synthesis of life itself.  We are the threads between Nothingness and Eternity.  Our spirits are born within luminous seas of the Infinite, we just have to remember our truth.  It is easy to see that there are many drops in the ocean, but can we also accept that a single drop also contains the ocean?  That is the meaning of awakening…Remembering we are eternity blessed with this sacred opportunity to consciously embrace the essence of life…”  ~ Renee Cruz

Mission Statement: Dancing the Dream

Everyone that strives to become, in Consciousness, in awareness, a point of Love bringing Light into Life, will become exactly that.  Just as many lighted candles more brightly illuminates a darkened room, so the more of you that wake up to who you truly are bring more Light into this sacred Planet. All you have to do is to be the Love and Light you already are within your heart.  All you have to do is make it real! Real-ize’ the Infinite Innocence, Worthiness, and grace you already are….the vast expanse of love that is your true nature.  Awakening to this great truth is the ultimate intention the universe holds for each and every one of us.
Dance this dream with me, become the magnificent blueprint of transformation. Dance your dream and become the illuminated flame upon your own sacred path of healing.  You are infinitely worth it. You are valuable beyond measure.  There is great reward in being able to see the world with the soaring vision of an eagle, fully aware and present to meet life’s challenges with expansive vision, heart centered wisdom and sacred purpose.  Receive the fullness of opportunities that life provides and prepare for your Sol Awakening.

Philosophy of Healing

We are light, we are sound, we are sacred vibration.  The harmonic perfection of the universe lies within the eternal chambers of our heart.  Our very existence is the born of this resilient life force united with all of creation.  ”Awakening” is recognizing our inherent connection to this source, and reteaching ourselves to access this divine fount to bring healing, clarity, and purpose into our lives..
Healing of any form does not come from outside the body, as it is our choice to choose wellness through our actions. This is an easy concept to understand, but it is often very difficult to embrace and integrate into our lives.  To follow the road back to complete wellness, we must first set the intention for our minds, hearts, and spirits to be open to the nourishing energy within. Take responsibility for your recovery of the body and accept your healing nature. Every single one of us is a healer.  Every single one is a cocreator of this world. The body is continually recreated by the conscious spirit with each and every breath.  However, our minds often deviate away from this pure state of united connection to the source.  This conflict with the creative design and failure to fully embrace one’s divine nature negates one’s ability to heal by casting mental doubt, anxiety, and fear.  Love born within the source of spirit is the highest form of reality and thus is the ultimate source of healing.  
Just beneath the surface of form resides a continual conduit of life sustaining prana.  During a healing session, I am not personally providing you with anything you do not already have.  I am only removing and clearing that which is not allowing you to fully tap into your divine nature; providing you with clarity of being unveiling your true regenerative nature to conscious memory.  You have always had the power to heal yourself, and now you are starting to awaken to that sacred truth.  Rather than thinking of yourself as a victim of forces beyond your control, you are choosing to courageously tap into your limitless potential; unlocking long forgotten doorways toward illumination and healing. In fact, the true You is who we all are…for we are all connected.  There is nothing upon the earth or among the stars that is not infinitely known by your spirit.
When you are ready, I will assist you in connecting with your inner flame, your I Am presence, to facilitate healing and positive transformation. I offer the power of sacred sound, the medicines of the earth, spirit of the plants, sacred stones and the Prana Lifeforce to assist in this process.  My intention is to unite with your I Am presence and your spirit guides, guardians, teachers, and protectors to bring about a state of balanced health. As with all energy work, what you receive from a session depends upon how open you are to receiving. Each person has their own unique experience. Be assured that I set my intention to be of loving assistance in harmony with your highest creator self.  I am an instrument for the divine music of creation; a channel of healing melody during each session. But within your heart and spirit lies the entire symphony of transformational healing.  It is time to heal our Great Mother and humanity by healing ourselves.  
I Bow to the light within you.  Walk Sacred.