“Kakawa Mocha” (Large)

Murshrooms are natural composters and in fact are the composting regenerative force as well as the nervous system of this world.  In fact, recent research has rediscovered (as medicine people of many indigenous cultures have spoken of for millenia), that systems of mycelium connect continents to each other beneath ocean beds.   The sacred mushrooms medicines produce the same effect within our physical and energetic bodies, releasing that which is not resonant with total wellness in all aspects of the self.  This 14 mushroom blend contains many of the worlds most prized medicinal specimens including the Reishi, Chagga, Spirit Poria, Lion’ s Mane, Shitaki, Cordicep, and more.


Cacao Butter, Raw Vanilla Bean, Raw Blue Vanilla Nectar, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Guajillo Chili/Cayenne, Thai Cinnamon, Mesquite, Maca, 14 Blend Mushroom Mix Powder, Etherium Red Monotomic Element (Integrator)

More Chocolate Health Info!

This Blend Contains 12 oz of Raw Chocolate.

Price: $35.00


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