Mindful Awareness

Mindful Awareness

You can create a place inside of yourself with meditation, a place of peace, calmness, excitement and safety. Meditation has many different meanings. Maybe running for some, or silent retreat into yourself, reading, journaling, writing, drawing, painting…the list of potentials grows day by day. But most of all, whatever the physical action comprises of, it is a place where your TRUTH teachings can flower into your current form.

For centuries, most of Buddhist practice has been preserved in monasteries. In the west, the focus is shifting to a growing community of lay meditators, whose vision of spiritual practice includes preserving the depth of wisdom and teachings while also developing an integrated and openhearted life of engagement in the world.

Following the Buddha’s teachings of interconnectedness and non-duality, make a commitment, not to anyone but YOURSELF, to realize liberation by making the practice of mindful awareness the basis of your life. Teach yourself to BE PRESENT!


In this space, I will share different meditations to aid in the development of our mindful awareness path. They will periodically change, as the energy of ourselves and the Earth does. Enjoy the Silent Awakening of your body, emotions and spirit as you walk your path strong and confident.                   __________________________________________

30 Minute Meditation: Heal Thyself

This is a beautiful and elegant 30 minute excursion that will take you to that space where healing on all levels is possible. You can either just close your eyes and listen to the narration or allow the beautiful images to help transport you to that place where the mind can entertain the impossible, and the miraculous becomes real….


Deepak Chopra – Meditation