Frequencies & Water

Solfeggio Frequencies and the Body of Earth, WATER:

Please watch this amazing video. It is amazing what we are really capable of…

We have now heard of the Solfeggio frequencies and their properties, but if we are made up of mostly water, how is this directly relevant? It is simple.

This is water.

This is water when a negative thought is directed to it.

This is tap water.

This is tap water with the “sound of the sun” meditation music being directed at it.

This is water with the various Solfeggio frequencies being directed at it.

These images show the effect of intentions, thoughts and frequencies affecting the primary makeup of our bodies.

We know that certain frequencies are present when chakra activation occurs.

These are the Main Chakras.

There is a direct similarity to the shapes and symbols as well. Look at the Solfeggio Frequency effects on water molecules.

Compare to the picture above with the chakra yantras (chakra symbols) to the shape of the water crystals with the Solfeggio Frequencies above as well. How do they compare? 

These are simple examples of the power of sound, frequencies, Chakras, and the human body and the earth body. It is my understanding that raising one’s vibrations contributes to the healing of the body, the soul, and the earth and is why those who put fluoride in the water and try to scare you will never win. When vibrations are raised to a certain level the individual is not in a vibratory space to be affected by things like fluoride, chemtrails, and most of all, fear.