EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique with Brad Yates

Imagine a world where people felt free to share their grandest music and make
a huge positive difference. Or, at the least, were free from the negativity that
causes them to hurt themselves and others. Consider what would be possible.
That’s a future I want to help create.

I have always loved the art of Michelangelo. In looking at the hands from Creation (on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel), it occurred to me that the hand of God was reaching out, but the hand of Adam was, well… a little less enthusiastic. What is it that keeps him (us) from
making that extra effort to connect with God? God may mean something different to you: Creator, Universe, Goddess, Unifying Principle… Maybe it simply represents, for you, your own Higher Self. Whatever the meaning, the connection is the goal. I feel my purpose is to help
folks breakthrough whatever is keeping them from making that connection. After all, look at the picture…We’re sooo close…                                                                        
~~Brad Yates


There are many EFT Practitioners out there that do a wonderful job; however, with EFT LANGUAGE is everything! Brad Yates is one of those people who have created a beautiful languaging system to help the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body heal and recover.

I have chosen several EFT Videos to be reviewed and practiced. They will change on the site frequently, changing with the cycles of the energy coming in, so be sure to stop back to see what has been chosen. If you have suggestions and something worked great for you, please send me a message through the CONTACT FORM. If the featured videos do not fit with where you are currently, please visit


and search for the resonate video for you! Stop back here later and see if the featured video fits where you are on your path! Let these videos aid you in being the ACTION in your life.

REMEMBER… 90% of the work is done at home, while 10% is done on your massage therapists, sound practitioners, or any other healing modality practitioner’s table! Do the work for YOU, with YOU! Engage, breathe and enjoy your beautiful process!


(This will give you an idea of what you can TAP for and search for on the YouTube EFTWizard Link, scroll down to bottom of Page)



1. Pick a video that resonates with where you are RIGHT NOW!

2. Set any intention that you want before watching the video (NOT What you DON”T want, what you DO want)

3. Sit down both feet flat on the floor (Do not cross ankles). Palm up on lap with whatever hand you are not using. 

4. Follow Brad in the video, repeating OUTLOUD what he is saying. Do not change the words!

THAT’s IT!  I would suggest watching the videos when you are allowing at least 30 minutes of time for yourself. You do not know what is going to surface during this process, so you don’t want to be clearing anger and then go out to dinner with a friend, or attend a meeting at work. May have some side effects! Until you kow how your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are going to react with this modality, just give yourself some extra time to process.

*Another note, I would suggest doing one video at a time, at most watching it three times in a row. If you are going to watch it more than once in a sitting, give yourself 5 or so minutes in between, drink water, stretch, etc. Keep to the same video during the day. You can switch it up each day if you so choose but this way you will know what emotion or feeling in the body is associated with what video. So you can go back to that one and work on it more, or maybe you cleared what you needed and you can move on. Less chaos, less conflict and less confusion in the body. Think about keeping a Spiritual Log of what is going on. You may be cycling with certain emotions or energy that you have not noticed before, but by writing it down, this can bring clarity and resolution to those things.

Most of all ENGAGE! ENJOY! and LEARN who the true YOU IS!


Intro to EFT – Tapping with Brad Yates

Message from Brad: Disclaimer: This video has not been endorsed by any of the people mentioned in it. While I am confident in the validity of what I’ve presented, this is my description of the facts… as I understand them. And if I’ve gotten anything wrong in the history or the science, I apologize. I encourage you to explore further if that will help you feel better about using tapping.

Here are some links regarding the research on EFT:



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