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Below you will find information on Crystal Singing Bowls with Gemstone Handles. The different types of bowls offer various characteristics, tones, and healing affects to each. Which one resonates with you?

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The Optically Clear “Healing Bowl” with Handle


(with Colored Gemstone Handles)

Optically Clear “Healing” Bowls Chakra Tuned with Handles (easy-grip handles filled with tumbled colored stones crystal singing bowls). “Healing” Bowls are specifically created for therapeutic use that you can use on yourself more easily that the non-handle bowls.

These Optically Clear “Healing” Bowls are designed to be portable because they are easy to use and light to carry. These bowls have the highest quality of manufacturing and is hand-tuned to a note of the diatonic musical scale. When played, the bowl resonates (“sings”) its particular note, opening and balancing the corresponding energy vortex (Chakra) of the body. The note the bowl is tuned to play determines which Chakra is balanced. Each bowl comes with all accessories required to play the bowl and instructions on how to play and care for the bowl.

“The Healing Bowls are the most practical of the crystal sonic tools that have thus far manifested on the planet. They are lightweight and easy to use – the glass goblet design allows you to comfortably move with them while resonating their wondrous sounds. They are a true gift to assist with sound healing and frequency shifting.” 
-Jonathan Goldman Author of “Healing Sounds” Composer of “Chakra Chants”

*NOTE: Also available, Optically Clear COLORED Handle Bowls…Please Send Inquiry via Contact Form.