Crystal Acupressure

Crystal Acupressure

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What is Crystal Acupressure?

The nature of any living form is allow energy to flow in a stream of patterns that create regeneration and a subsequent healthy life. These energy patterns flow along meridians which are stimulated prior to birth. Often these meridians become blocked as a result of negative emotions and mental experiences. Illness results when blocks manifest in the body. Ordinary acupressure will create a change in energy flow, resulting in some healing on a physical and mental level. But if there are deeper emotional traumas, then this method healing is insufficient.

Crystal Acupressure an ancient art of healing, has isolated four cycles of energy that flow in a healthy body. There are:

Digestive System
Circulatory System
Nervous System
Glandular System

These cycles interact with one another to form what is called the YIN and YANG energy of the body. YANG represents the positive force of fullness and is generally considered to be the active force that creates compressive, constrictive, implosive, solidifying, crystallizing and attractive chemical reaction in the body. While YIN represents the negative force which creates and disperses energy by dilating, repelling, expanding, exploding and liquefying chemical changes in a counterbalance force.


The YANG-YIN interplay creates harmony within the body that allows normal functioning to occur as well as creating a sense of well-being in the mind, body and spirit.The YANG-YIN force should be perceived as an ever-evolving force of energy that is continually changing within its own rhythmic pattern. Though certain parts of the body are considered primarily YANG or YIN, it should be understood that each has within its make-up a modicum of the opposing force in order to keep a true balance which results in a healthy body.

The above-mentioned cycles of energy flow around the body in much the same way as blood flows-quickly with various pressures. Therapists have been able to locate 16 pathways through which energy flows. These pathways are called meridians and are divided into two categories: the 12 organs and the 4 vessels. Along each meridian are Acupressure points.These points, when stimulated, sedated (balanced) or toned have a direct effect on the organs of body and the mental/emotional attitude of the individual.

Using the crystal points on these identified acupressure points can effect great change in the flow of the body’s energy. Each crystal has its own unique way of handling energy. Some collect and hold energy, while others amplify and dispense energy. They can be used independently or collectively to balance the energy flow and help to heal and balance the YANG-YIN force. 


Crystal acupressure is non-invasive and 100% more effective than ordinary acupressure. The crystals are actually gemstones cut to a precision point that allows the healer to target specific acupressure points with great accuracy and stimulating healing using the same pathways as acupuncture without the needles. 


Each type of gemstone used has different healing properties that interact with the Five Bodies of the Aura in specific ways to enhance the natural healing process. Many clients have seen miraculous results from Crystal acupressure treatments.
In some cases, Crystal Acupressure has provided relief from physical, emotional, and psychological suffering in as few as one treatment.  While some patients may feel temporary emotional or mental negativity has arises after a session, this feeling is temporary as well as natural. It is caused by the sudden release of previously blocked energies and passes quickly. In these cases, meditation is recommended as a way to regain balance and new awareness.


Again, it is important to note that Crystal Acupressure is not a diagnostic tool and clients should always consult a doctor to get proper diagnosis for ailments and persistent symptoms. Crystal Acupressure is a natural method of enhancing the body’s healing processes. While it has shown amazing results for some clients, there is no guarantee that it will work the same way for everyone.