Chakra Vibrations

Chakras are energy centers. They function like receivers and transformers of the various forms of prana. Through the nadis, the chakras take in the vital energy and transform it into the frequencies needed by the various areas of the physical bodies for sustenance and development.

Energy is everywhere, and in everything there is energy.  We have centers in our body that are the conductors for this energy.  These energy centers are called Chakras (Wheels of Light).  There are seven major Chakra Centers plus many, many more minor ones.  Through these centers we take in and send out energetic vibrations on many different levels (such as Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual).  If we look at just the seven major Chakra centers we can find within our lifestyles what we are trying to transform.  Each Chakra has a color association and each color also has a vibration.  Here is a basic overview of each of the major seven Chakras and what types of energy they relate to…

Each chakra is connected with one of the elements of earth, water, air ether and mind – mind being an instrument of consciousness. These elements are states of matter and NOT elements as we understand them in modern chemistry. They are equivalent to the terms: solid, liquid, fiery or gaseous, airy, and etheric – which are somewhat analogous to the physical, astral and mental planes and sub-planes.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning, “wheel.” The human chakras are “wheel-like” vortices, or saucer-shaped depressions that exist on the surface of the etheric human body.

Traditional writings say there are 88,000 chakras in the human body. Most are extremely small and play a minor role in your energy system. However, there are approximately 40 secondary chakras that are of significance; these are located in your spleen, the back of your neck, the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. But for brevity purposes, we will only explore the seven (7) primary chakras here.

The seven chakras are directly responsible for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. If our chakras are unbalanced, it is the same as our physical body becoming unbalanced as well.

The chakras have their own frequency, as well as every human being, tree, and rock. Every single sound from a key on a piano or a loud bang from a gun sends out a wave of energy. This wave vibrates at its own frequency and affects everything in its path in a positive or negative way.

For humans, keeping our chakra frequencies balanced and in harmony is essential in order for us to function properly. When our chakra frequencies are in harmony, we feel connected with ourselves as well as others.

When we are “out of tune” and our chakra’s are off balance, many problems can arise. Things that might seem trivial, such as a change in weather, stress, or a sudden bump is enough to throw us off. Scientific tests show that unpleasant sounds actually increase our blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates. Frequencies can also have a positive effect on us though. It just depends on what we are listening to. A researcher in Minnesota discovered that agricultural plants grow at an amazing rate when they are exposed to the sound of the sitar, (a traditional instrument from India).

Just like the plants being stimulated by the frequency of the sitar, we can stimulate each chakra individually by listening to its own special frequency.

Incorporating the use of chakra frequency is the most direct form of chakra balancing and stimulation.



In addition to the seven chakras of the subtle body, the Tantras have described a network of subtle channels known as Nadis. According to the tantric treatise Shiva Samhita, there are fourteen principal nadis. Of these, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna
are considered the most important.

Ida is the left channel. Ida is white, feminine, cold, represents the moon and is associated with the river Ganga (Ganges). Originating in Muladhara (ROOT CHAKRA), Ida ends up in the left nostril.

Pingala is the right channel. Pingala is red, masculine, hot,  represents the sun and is associated with the river Yamuna. Originating in Muladhara, Pingala ends up in the right nostril.

Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the river Saraswati. Running up the body from just below  Muladhara chakra to Sahasrara (CROWN CHAKRA) at the crown of the head.

Muladhara is the meeting place of the three main nadis and is known as Yukta Triveni (Yukta : “combined”, tri : “three”, veni : “streams”). In Muladhara, Shakti, the static unmanifested Kundalini, is symbolized by a serpent coiled into three and a half circles around the central axis Svayambhu-linga at the base of the spine.  The serpent lies blocking the entrance to Sushumna, the central channel with his mouth. Sushumna remains closed at its lower end as long as Kundalini is not awakened.

The technique of Kundalini Yoga consists in using Prana (the vital air), guiding its circulatory movement through Ida and Pingala down to the base of the spine into the space where Kundalini lies coiled. Shakti Kundalini will then awaken and rise up Sushumna, energizing the seven chakras.

From Muladhara chakra, Ida and Pingala alternate at each chakra until they reach Ajna chakra where they meet again with Sushumna.

In Ajna chakra the meeting of the three main nadis is called Mukta Triveni (Mukta : “liberated”).  Continuing beyond Ajna chakra, Ida and Pingala end in the left and right nostrils respectively.

Once the Kundalini Shakti has ascended through Sushumna to Sahasrara, the highest psychic center at the crown of the head, it is made to reverse its course and return to rest in the base center again.


The body has 7 main chakras, each with its own sound frequency from the key of C to B. The goal is to have all chakras open from the Crown to the Root, continually receiving the energies from the universe and earth.

The FIRST chakra is the ROOT, located in the base of the body at the perineum associated with grounding to mother earth. Emotional issues housed in the first chakra are security, financial, manifesting, trust and fear. These are just some of the issues that need to be addressed. The ROOT chakra vibrates to the concert key of C and is associated with the color RED. It is found in the adrenal glands and is associated with survival instincts.

The SECOND chakra is the SACRAL, located just below you navel in the pelvic area. Your sexual energy and life force is here. Emotional issues in the area to name a few are sexuality, creativity, shame and guilt. The SACRAL vibrates to the concert key of D and is associated with the color ORANGE. . It is found in the testes or ovaries and is associated with sexuality.


The THIRD chakra is the SOLAR PLEXUS, located above your navel. Your power and mastery of inner self is housed here. Emotional issues such as anger, power, intellect, assertiveness, aggressiveness and self-esteem are found here. The SOLAR PLEXUS vibrates to the key of E and is associated with the color YELLOW. It is found in the pancreas and is associated with digestion.


The FOURTH chakra is the HEART, located in the center of your chest. Love, compassion, unconditional love is here. Emotional issues found here are grief, relationship problems, and love. The HEART vibrates to the key of F and is associated with the color GREEN. It is in the thymus and is associated with the immune system.


The FIFTH chakra is the THROAT, located at your throat and is associated with communication. Some of the emotional issues are fear of verbalizing your thoughts, holding expressions of joy. The THROAT vibrates to the key of G and is associated with the color BLUE. . It is found in the thyroid and is associated with metabolism.


The SIXTH chakra is the BROW, also known as the Third Eye and is located between the two eye brows. Your psychic abilities and imagination are associated with the chakra. Being in the flow of life is a main function of this chakra. The BROW chakra vibrates to the key of A and is associated with the color INDIGO/VIOLET. It is found in the pituitary gland and is associated with hormones & growth.


The SEVENTH chakra is the CROWN located at the top of the head and is the connection to the SOURCE.  The CROWN vibrates to the key of B and is associated with the color White of Gold. It is found in the pineal gland and is associated with body rhythm.