.:About Renee:.

Renee Cruz combines her natural intuitive healing gifts with years of research and practice in metaphysics, sound, psychology, biology, and spirituality to offer an empowering transformational experience for the mind, body, and spirit.  Renee has a powerful gift in discerning the unique needs of those receiving her services, and is able create an integrative whole-being plan that honors each individual’s distinctive realignment process with integrity, respect, and love.

“The achievement of total body wellness and the realization of one’s true sacred purpose in this life experience are the highest goals we can strive for. Yet, only when we can fully liberate ourselves from fear, doubt, guilt, and pain can we realize the beauty, blessing, and harmony inherent in all dynamics of our lives.” ~ Renee Cruz

Renee is a Licensed Spiritual Coach, Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher, and has a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She is intimately trained in the utilization of the solfeggio frequencies as a means to reconnecting you to the vibrations of perfect harmony already present in the core of your being. Renee also offers services in Elatz Kowat Native American body work, Crystal Grid Therapy, DNA/RNA sonic reconfiguration, solfeggio harp therapy, bio-mat resonance therapy, and spiritual life coaching; practices she has integrated through extensive work with masters, elders, and renown instructors specialized in these modalities from throughout the country. She also shares lectures and workshops including: “Tending the Fire Within” (Personal sound healing workshop), Ancient Knowledge – The origins of Sound Healing”, and “Teaching Attunements in the solfeggio method” in the greater Columbus area and in Transformational Festivals such as Rootwire Music and Arts Festival and Earthnight in the Midwest.  Her goal is to assist in the restoration of happiness, vitality, empowerment, and clarity into your life through awakening the conscious mind to the true eternal nature of the awakened soul.

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